TDG @ Donington GP

App testing and user feedback at Donington GP circuit.  Big thanks to Nolimits Trackdays  for their support.  We’re still in ‘Public beta’ to gain more user feedback and explore more user scenarios i.e. Race events – practice days and race days.

So, this video and vehicle telemetry was recorded and exported from the Track Day Genius app to Camera roll then uploaded via the YouTube Capture app (for the moment it’s the only was to maintain the 1080p resolution).  There’s no need for desktop software to overlay and export – it’s the one stop solution for Race day bragging rights…

NB: The ‘jello/wobble’ affect is unfortunately hardware related, the CMOS technology used by modern POV and Mobiles phone cameras are all subject to high speed/vibration affects.

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iOS Motor Sport App: Video & Data logger

Track Day Genius is a more than a data logger App for track day enthusiasts; it’s the missing link between vehicle manufacturers and their loyal fans. Built on Genius-connect, an ‘open and scalable’ social framework, the TDG business logic is supported by an intuitive UI coupled with smart video logging features.