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Track Day Genius is a more than a data logger App for track day enthusiasts; it’s the missing link between vehicle manufacturers and their loyal fans.
Built on Genius-connect, an ‘open and scalable’ social framework, the TDG business logic is supported by an intuitive UI coupled with smart video logging features. Our singular mission is to design software and hardware to provide a memorable on-track experience through analysis, learning and sharing, irrespective of vehicle loyalty – we see diversity as King!

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iOS Motor Sport App: Video & Data logger

At the heart of the TDG experience is 'Smart compare' and 'Vehicle profiler' we've re-engineered these tools to be more useful. Smart compare is lap on lap analysis with a difference, it's absolute rather that relative. Did we mention our dynamic vehicle profiler, it's a game changer, yes I said it - Game Changer!

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