iOS Motorsport App

Commercial case study – Co-founder: IxD & VD Designer @ AGA  /  May 2012  >  current

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His approach is not about jumping into Wireframe and Design mode right away, but to actually have real conversations with teams and stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the Product, User needs and wider Business goals. …

Joe Purves

Cloudbased service - Data analytics, IoT

Contract: Senior UI & Interaction Designer  /  June 2016  >  Feb 2018

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Kofi is an outstanding designer and a great pleasure to work with. His work and approach are first rate and when the pressure’s on, he’s your man. I highly recommend him.

Dan McNamara

SAP: Data vis, Dashboards, IoT

Contract: Senior UI & Interaction Design  /  Jan 2013  >  Feb 2018

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I worked with Kofi on a number of projects over an 18 month period.  An excellent interaction designer who understands the fundamentals behind his craft; be it slick interactions, beautiful aesthetics, pixel perfect attention to detail or toeing the brand line…

Matthew Phillips

B2B: Info-graphics

Freelance: Digital Designer  /  Sept 2015   >  Nov 2015


Kofi worked with me on a long project for a FTSE 30 company. We delivered an intranet site for over 90,000 employees. It was a tough project where the entire team worked very hard for many months….

Tim Scammell

B2B: News distribution platform

Contract: Lead UX, UI & Interaction Design  /  June 2011  >  Sept 2012

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‘Interaction designer’ is too narrow of a descriptor for Kofi. He is a self-motivator and hard-charging member of the product design team. Although he is managed from NY and the rest of the team is based in the US, Kofi is a true collaborator…

John Barrow

B2C FInance product: O2 Wallet

Contract: Senior Visual Designer  /  March 2012  >  June 2012

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Kofi is an instinctive, talented visual designer. He is confident pushing back on questionable UX in a positive, constructive way, and delivered a professional look for the online part of the o2 wallet…

Steve McAdam

R/GA: 4hr Interview challenge

Design monkey  /  Interesting tactic to extract FREE ideas…

Connected devices: WiDrive Open Beta

 Freelance: UI Designer  / WiDrive App is a iPhone WiFi remote controller for R/C vehicle

B2C: Social TV / VOD

Contract: Interaction & Visual Designer  / Aug 2009  >  Dec 2010

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I had the great pleasure in hiring Kofi to work on Sky’s entertainment portal sites. Kofi is one of those rare breed of designers that is able to deliver both a brilliant UI design experience…

Paul Lyngby-Trow

B2C: BBC Home page / iPlayer (v2)

Contract: Interaction & Visual Designer  / Dec 2007  >  June 2009

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I hired Kofi as a freelance visual / interaction designer. Whilst working for me at the BBC he worked on BBC iPlayer V2 for the iPhone, BBC iD and the BBC home page. I had no regrets in my decision…

Bronwyn van der Merwe

B2C: Betting - Peer to Peer

Contract: UI / Games Designer  / Feb 2007  >  Dec 2007

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Kofi is one of very few creative design professionals I know who understands user experience / HCI principles and applies this knowledge to his creative design. He is very personable…

Shilpi Dahele

B2C: Book launch -promo site

Freelance: UI  Designer  /  Sep 2007

B2B: Learning & development Portal

Contract: Web  Designer  /  Aug 2006  >  Feb 2007

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Kofi’s ground-breaking project for BP, reaching their global audience, was most noticeable for the Intuitive interaction married with beautiful visual design, “his obsession for what lies beneath…

Angus Morrison

B2C: Flash promo site & Banners

Freelance: Flash  Designer  /  Jul 2006

B2C: Micro sites & Email / Banners

Freelance: Web  Designer  /  Jun 2005  >  May 2006

B2C: UK book club operator

Contract: Visual designer @  BCA, Bol – Bertelsmann  /  Oct 2002  >  Dec 2005

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I had the pleasure of working w/ Kofi in a busy digital/creative environment a few years back and can only praise his creativity, reliability and above all his ability to translate technological and creative trends…

Nadja von Massow

B2C: Marketing collateral - Email & Banners

Freelance: Web  Designer  /  Aug 2001  >  Oct 2001