The Genius Story

During the summer of 2011, we (James + Gavin + Kofi) asked ourselves a question, what if…?  This question gave birth to the original App idea. 2 years later it’s now become the brain child of Kofi – pixel obsessed petrol-head.

With existing mobile Data-loggers (I won’t mention any names) falling short of my expectations; poor UI and UX or needing to be hardwired into the vehicle electronics, they contribute little or no performance insight for the non tech/geek user, I wanted to re-imagine, to explore the power of  ‘Sexy data with Gamification’

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iOS Motorsport App

At the heart of the TDG experience is 'Smart compare' and 'Vehicle profiler' we've re-engineered these tools to be more useful. Smart compare is lap on lap analysis with a difference, it's absolute rather that relative. Did we mention our dynamic vehicle profiler, it's a game changer, yes I said it - Game Changer!

Video & Data logger

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