Genius interactions

At the heart of the TDG experience is ‘Genius Tips’ and ‘Session analytics’ I’ve re-engineered these tools to be more useful.

Genius Tips (aka Smart compare) is automated  lap on lap analysis with a difference, it’s absolute rather that relative.  As a bonus you can now compare and analysis session data from your other TDG members, being able to analyze corner by corner, time difference, telemetry i.e. accelerating/braking distances and entry/exit speeds will give you the insight to ride faster and safely.

Did we mention our dynamic vehicle profiler, it’s a game changer, stop rolling your eyes!

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iOS Motor Sport App: Video & Data logger

TDG is the Video and Performance logger App for track day enthusiast - for both 2 and 4 wheels. We’ve designed a intuitive lap timer with predictive timing coupled with clever data logging and analysis features.

Video & Data logger

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