Betfair Roulette

Lotto, my first Betfair project, and not my favourite. Conceptually, the game logic for the UI and flow was flawed, unfortunately the product owners realised 8 weeks into the build. You’ve got to love the ‘Water fall’ methodology…

The Lotto game, developed by an in-house team of designers and developers, is now available to their 1,000,000 registered users

I started working with the guys at Betfair during the early adoption of Adobe Flex to both the development and business teams, it’s great to see the first of their online games built in Flex go live. You can access the game here (you’ll need to register first), but for those of you based in the US (who won’t be able to see the site due to US legal restrictions)

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Exchange Games Roulette

Betfair, one of the major online betting providers in Europe, have today launched an application built using Flex 2.

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